Midsummer Groove started as a festival for friends, by friends. We wanted to create a space where amazing people could party, reuniting with old friends and making new ones. We wanted to support the incredible talent of music and art in our friendship group, as well as artists from Bristol. The organisers take no profit from the event and every penny goes straight back into the festival.

Across the weekend in 2019 we hosted an eclectic mix of bands, from post-punk to straight-up funk, 8-piece contemporary jazz to 8-piece folk. DJs entertained the crowds in the homely Groove Den by day, with each artist delivering the type of set they want to, from house to UK garage to jungle. At night, The Barn became the main dance floor, with Friday night's aerobic disco leading the weekend onto Saturday's deep techno odyssey. 

Our workshops catered for all tastes, including choir vocal groups, yoga, drum and bass aerobics, life drawing and woodblock printing. Collaborations included an interactive sound garden, a hand built traditional yurt and fire dancing performances.

The festival is growing now, and so is our community. However, we still have the same philosophy and the same aim. To create a safe space where friendships can begin and blossom, and to promote the music we love from artists in Bristol and beyond.

There will be no profit-making. There will be no advertisements. There will be groove.

In you want to get involved in the party, whether as an artist, workshop leader or anything else you think would contribute to the carnival of fun, we'd love to hear from you.


Contact us via: info.midsummergroove@gmail.com

Lots of luv 'n' ribbitz,
MSG crew xxx

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